Twitter is seemingly down for some users in India. As per the Downdectector website, hundreds of Twitter users are facing issues accessing the microblogging site on app as well as the website.

Notably, Twitter isn’t down for everyone in the country. There are a bunch of users who are complaining about unable to access the platform at the moment.

Is Twitter down?

The Downdetector website shows around 300 Twitter users are currently experiencing issues. The Downdetector website shows, Twitter is facing issues since 9:33 PM Eastern Time Zone (EDT), which is around 7:03AM IST.

The Downdetector website also notes that among the ones facing issues, around 78 percent users are experiencing log in issues. Other users are unable to use the web or mobile version of Twitter. The portal suggests that Twitter Android app users are facing more issues when compared to iOS app users.

Some users are unable to delete a tweet or refresh the feed. Additionally, few Twitter users are unable to load replies or threads as well. Twitter is reportedly showing an error message stating, “Something went wrong, try reloading.”

A Reuters report states that Twitter has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.

While some users continue to face issues accessing the microblogging platform, Twitter’s official status page shows “operational”. This simply means that the platform is working fine with few minor issues appearing for some users.

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