Twitter may let you add videos, pictures in same tweet soon: All you need to know

Twitter is reportedly working on new features, including mixed-media tweets and more. According to 9To5Google, Twitter for Android has revealed support for adding both pictures and videos to the same tweet, hints at tweet “awards” and more.

Well-known developer Dylan Roussel spotted the new mixed media features within the Twitter for Android app. The feature allowed him to add a picture and one video in the same tweet.

Currently, Twitter users can attach a maximum of four photos to a tweet or one video, not both. However, with the mixed-media tweets users would able to add both photos and videos to a tweet.

The option to give “awards” to tweets was also spotted by the publications. This feature appears as a gift icon below the tweet, right next to the current icons of retweet, like, and share buttons. In addition, another new feature spotted is a field for users to list their pronouns. Those who want to list their pronouns on their profile currently do it as a part of their display name, bio, or other fields on the profile. These features are still in testing and it is not clear when they will be available publicly.

Meanwhile, recent reports said that Twitter is working on the edit button, as requested by its users as well as Elon Musk, but the micro-blogging platform is reportedly going to keep a digital trace of your earlier tweets.

Twitter has also started a new feature on its platform called ‘Circles‘ that will enable users to limit their tweets to a closed group of friends including the people that don’t follow them. The feature is quite similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature that enables users to share their Stories with a selected group of friends.

According to the details shared by Twitter, a user can have only one Circle, which can have up to 150 people. When users share a tweet with the people in their Circle, only those people will be able to see the tweets and respond to them. Also, users will be able edit their Circles anytime and users won’t be notified if they are removed from a Circle.

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