Twitter reveals how to increase tweet engagement by up to 10 times

Worried about the lack of engagement on your tweets? Twitter reveals what will surely increase engagement. As per the micro-blogging platform, adding video to a tweet can pull 10 times more engagement than those without video.

Twitter adds that tweets with images attract 150 percent more retweets than tweets without images. Even tweets with a GIF gain 55 percent more engagement. Along with emojis, GIFs are one of the primary ways people communicate online. “While it’s easy to use an existing GIF to complement your tweet copy, many marketers don’t realize how simple it is to create their very own original, branded GIF,” a Twitter for Business blog post reads.

Twitter further suggests that one can use a Time Lapse video, a Live Photo, or a series of static photos depending on on the type of effect you’re trying to capture. The social media giant adds that GIF-making apps simplify the process, and make it easier to add stickers and text as well.

Another feature that’s often overlooked is the phone’s video screen capture ability. “Stop motion is the foundation for animation. With your phone, creating a stop motion video is as simple as taking a photo, moving the object slightly, taking another photo, and repeat,” Twitter suggests. To create smooth videos, a gimbal can help stabilize your phone.

Further suggestions include using attachable lights and flash to help capture the best visuals. This is makes it easy to achieve the desired effects without requiring a studio lighting setup. You can also attach a microphone to your iPhone to capture ambient sound. For a more professional interview, a clip-on microphone works best.

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