Twitter starts testing TikTok-style tweet reactions, new composer bar

It has barely been months since Twitter retired Fleets – Instagram Stories like ephemeral videos – that the company has already started testing a new video format on its platform. The company has announced that it has started testing a new feature called “Quote Tweet with reaction” that lets users react to a tweet with an image or a video.

Twitter says that this feature is currently being tested on iOS. This means that iOS users who have access to this new ‘Tweet Take’, as the company is calling it, will get three options when they retweet a post on the micro-blogging platform. The first is the regular Retweet option. The second is the Retweet with Quote option. And the third one is the Quote Tweet with Reaction option. When users pick the third option, Twitter will open the camera from where users can either snap a photo or record a reaction video. While sharing, the retweeted post will appear on the backdrop of the video or the image that the users have snapped. Furthermore, users will also be able to reposition the tweet that they want to tweet anywhere on the reaction photo or video.

What’s more, the tweet shared using the ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ option will appear in the primary feed of the Twitter user instead of appearing in the Tweets and Replies section of a user’s Twitter handle.
Interestingly, this upcoming feature is quite similar to TikTok’s video replies feature, which Instagram copied for its Reels.

That said, ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ is not the only feature that Twitter is bringing to its platform. The company, in a separate post via its Support page, shared that it has started testing a new feature on iOS that lets users start writing a tweet from the main timeline view. This is different from the existing Compose tweet button that appears right on top of the bottom navigation menu towards the right side. For those users who are getting this option, the space to write the tweet will appear on top of the bottom navigation bar in the form of a separate menu.

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