Twitter testing Spaces for Android; ahead of March launch

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are gaining a lot of popularity, however, both are still exclusive to iOS. Both the companies have announced that they will be launching Android versions for these in the near future, with Clubhouse providing no concrete launch date for the same. Now according to a new report, Twitter has started testing its Spaces feature for Android users.

According to a new report by AndroidPolice, Twitter Spaces has started “opening up its test for Android users.” To recall, earlier Android users were unable to host their own Space, but could listen to conversations, view captions, be a speaker and react using emojis.

This test pilot has reportedly been made available in an early preview for a select few who are a part of the app’s beta program on Android.

The report suggests that the early preview has a lot of bugs and is “a little rough around the edges.” It states that there are two different user interfaces for captions, and that the feature did not work in one of the Spaces they had attended.

When will Twitter Spaces be made available to everyone?

Twitter has announced that it is currentlu working on bringing the full Spaces experience to Android. A Twitter employee, Danny Singh in a reply to a user query, tweeted that the company is looking to launch the feature for Android completely in March. Looking at this, even if you have not gotten early access to the service, your wait will not be as long.

This also means that the current test version could be the final beta. Considering it hasds a lot of bugs, some of these might end up in the final version also.

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