Twitter to soon let users upload 4K images and full view photos in tweets

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is testing a new feature for Android and iOS where it will allow users to upload full view images and will also offer support for 4K images.

The announcement came via Twitter’s Support page where it said that it will be testing the feature over the next few weeks. At the moment, Twitter only allows users to upload images that appear in half which is where the full view upload option will be a welcome one.

What does the new update offer?

With the new update, the images that you are uploading will look exactly like how they look in the tweet composer. At the moment, Twitter only allows users to preview the image on the timeline and users have to tap on the image to view the full image.

This is a great addition to the platform as many users have complained of not being able to tell the details in the image until they tap on it. The new media feature is only being tested for the Android and iOS platform.

Upload in 4K!

Twitter users will soon be able to upload images in 4K after the rollout of the update. Users who are part of the beta testing phase will be able to upload high-res 4K images on their timelines. This feature is currently being tested on Android and iOS. You will be able to spot the option in the Settings option under ‘Data Usage’. There you have to select ‘high-quality image downloads’ and then choose mobile data or wi-fi. The default option would always ask the user before uploading.

Twitter has not given an official release date for the feature to be rolled out for beta testing and has not said whether it will be made available to all of the users.

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