Twitter will permanently ban accounts found posting misleading content on COVID-19

Microblogging platform Twitter has announced that it will label tweets that may contain any misleading information regarding COVID-19 vaccines and will permanently delete those accounts found to be violating its policies repeatedly.

“We believe the strike system will help to educate the public on our policies and further reduce the spread of potentially harmful and misleading information on Twitter, particularly for repeated moderate and high-severity violations of our rules,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter has removed more than 8,400 tweets and challenged more than 11.5 million accounts worldwide since it introduced the COVID-19 guidelines.

What are the new guidelines?

As per the new rules, one strike on an account will cause no account-level action, two strikes will lead to the account being locked for 12-hours and three strikes in another 12-hours will lead to an account lock; four strikes will lead to the account being locked for 7 days while the fifth strike will lead to a permanent suspension.

These labels will be applied by Twitter team members when they determine that the content is violating its platform’s policies.

“Our goal is to eventually use both automated and human review to address content that violates our Covid-19 vaccine misinformation rules,” Twitter said.

It was last year that began calling on users to delete misleading COVID-19 claims and rumours, including suggestions that the vaccines are being administered to harm or control people.

Twitter to start with English tweets

The company has said that it will first clamp down on tweets in the English language and use the same process to expand this system to other languages and cultural contexts over time.

Labels will appear in the user’s set display language and may link to curated content and official public health information or the Twitter Rules.

The COVID-19 vaccination drive is taking place in many countries in an effort to eradicate the deadly virus and restore the lifestyle of people to pre-covid times.

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