Twitter working on 3 new features to make user experience better: Take a look

Twitter has shared with the public, three early design concepts for features it is considering to add to its service. These features include “Trusterd Friends,” which would limit the audience for select tweets to close friends, then there is the “Facets” feature, which will let users categorise their tweets when sending them, and finally, the “Banned Phrases” feature will allow users to list certain phrases that they’d rather not see in their replies.

All of the three features are currently in the ideation stage, and the company states that none of them are currently in active development.

Features like Trusted Friends and Facets could come in handy for people who like to keep multiple accounts to separate their work and personal lives.

The Trusted Friends feature will work in a similar fashion to Instagram‘s close friends feature and let users toggle tweets from public to only for friends on the Trusted Friends list. Facets on the other hand will provide users with more granular control, letting them sort their tweets into various categories like work, hobbies and more. This will then allow users to follow someone just for their tweets on a certain topic and not as a whole.

The Banned Phrases feature will allow users to specify certain phrases that they would rather not see in the replies to their tweets. Followers would then see these phrases highlighted alongside a warning to not use this language. However, people can still ignore the warning and tweet the reply, which the tweet author can then move to the bottom of the conversation.

The company states that revealing the feature early to the public will help them in getting feedback. To recall, last month it tweeted a similar work in progress feature to let users “unmention” themselves when they’re tagged into a conversation.

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