The makers of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft, have announced Asia-Pacific League for Rainbow Six Esports. This will feature two regional divisions, the North Division and the South Division. Each of them will be following its own competitive structure.

The Asia-Pacific North Division will gather a total of 12 teams – from Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. People will compete in a single online league. At the end of each stage, six best teams will progress to the Asia-Pacific League Playoffs. Here teams from the North and South Divisions will gather and compete for the top placings in the Asia-Pacific League and 4 ticket to the Six Major.

Teams competing in the North Division of the league for 2020 Season

– Cloud9
– Cyclops Athlete Gaming
– FAV Gaming
– Giants Gaming
– GUTS Gaming
– NORA Rengo
– Qconfirm
– Talon Esports
– Xavier Esports
– 7th Heaven

Starting June 23, the Asia-Pacific North Division matches will be broadcast in English. This will be on the Rainbow Six Esports channels on Twitch and Youtube. With the 2020 Season, Ubisoft is taking a first major step in revamping the viewing experience of its esports leagues. It will be inaugurating a brand-new and cutting-edge broadcast studio for the Asia-Pacific North Division matches. Broadcast will be in English from this studio, and the European League and European Challenger League will be broadcast from here as well. While the matches will be happening online for the pro teams, the crew will gather in France, in the Greater Paris area, to cast from this new studio. Here are a few additions viewers can expect:

– Premium tools and material to assist the talents while they cast.

– A dedicated analyst area that will allow the crew to provide in-depth information.

– New types of content on top of the action-packed show the pro teams will put on during their matches. These include debates, editorial pieces, interactive content and more.

– Tech improvements backstage, that will ultimately create a more engaging stream for the viewers to watch.

Ubisoft mentions that the health and well-being of the talents, staff and partners is their first priority. Hence the new studio will not be ready for the first playdays of the Asia-Pacific League. When the first matches of the North Division begin on June 23, viewers will see a light version of the studio.

Asia-Pacific South Division: Details

In parallel, the Asia-Pacific South Division will bring together two independent subregions: Oceania and, for the first time in Rainbow Six Esports history, South Asia. Oceania will have 8 teams from across Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia will compete in the Oceanic Nationals, an online league. In South Asia, teams from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will face off in a series of open online tournaments ending with a closed bracket playoff. Each stage, when both South Division Nationals end, the South Division Playoffs begin to determine the two teams from the South Division that will join the Asia-Pacific League Playoffs to face off against the Asia-Pacific North Division teams.

At the end of each stage, the top four teams of the Asia-Pacific Playoffs will claim a spot in the upcoming Six Major. Each season, in December, the Asia-Pacific League will conclude with a special event, the Asia-Pacific League Finals, to determine which team truly is the Asia-Pacific Champion of the season.

Ubisoft is also unveiling a revamped path-to-pro, fueled by the national tournaments across the Asia-Pacific region. At the end of a season, teams winning Nationals in the North Division countries will have the possibility to compete in a Promotion/Relegation system for a chance to enter the following season of the North Division league. In the South Division, the Oceanic and South Asia Nationals will fuel the South Division Playoffs, offering teams from those subregions a chance to compete in the Asia-Pacific League Playoffs to claim a spot for the Six Major.

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