Under 18 years users can now get their photos deleted from Google Images search

Google has announced new privacy features and changes for under 18 years who uses search, YouTube, Google Images, and other platforms offered by the tech giant. On the biggest announcements is that soon anyone under the age of 18, or their parent, will be able to request the removal of their images from Google Image results. This privacy feature will begin rolling out in the coming weeks.

The tech giant announced to bring new privacy features and changes for under 18 years on other platforms including YouTube, Search, Assistant, Play and more in the upcoming weeks and months.

New privacy features coming soon

-Google announced that YouTube will soon change the default upload setting to the most private option available for teens ages 13-17. The video streaming platform will also get several digital wellbeing features and provide safeguards and education about commercial content.

-Soon, YouTube will turn on “take a break and bedtime reminders and turn off autoplay for users under 18”. On YouTube Kids, an autoplay option and turn it off by default will be added.

-The tech giant announced to turn on SafeSearch feature for existing signed-in users under 18 years of age and make it the default setting for teens setting up new accounts. Google’s SafeSearch feature basically helps filter out explicit results when enabled and is already on by default for all signed-in users under 13 years of age who have accounts managed by Family Link.

-New default protections are coming to Assistant in the days to come. For instance, the tech giant will apply SafeSearch technology to the web browser on smart displays. “We are always working to prevent mature content from surfacing during a child’s experience with Google Assistant on shared devices, and in the coming months we’ll be introducing new default protections,” Google said.

-Google said that it will expand safeguards to prevent age-sensitive ad categories from being shown to teens. Google announced to block ad targeting based on the age, gender or interests of people under 18.

-The company said to begin rolling out of these updates across products globally over the coming months. “Our goal is to ensure we’re providing additional protections and delivering age-appropriate experiences for ads on Google,” the company said.

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