Valheim might not be that old as PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) but the survival game has managed to earn top spot on Steam charts.

Although its an early access survival game, Valheim has managed to gain an all-time peak of over 3,60,000 concurrent players on Steam in just two weeks following its debut on February 2. While video game digital distribution services are flooded with a range of survival titles including Ark, Rust, or Terraria, these popular titles couldn’t achieve concurrent numbers as high as Valheim.

As per SteamCharts, the Viking-themed survival game is currently more popular than multiplayer titles- Dota 2, Grand Theft Auto 5. To one’s surprise, the game even managed to surpass the overwhelming PUBG game on Steam. The popular multiplayer strategic game took three months to hit more than Valheim’s current high of concurrent players. In case you are still finding this cryptic, here are all details of the new Norse fantasy game.

What is Valheim?

Valheim, a Viking-themed survival game is designed by independent Swedish game developer Iron Gate AB. The indie survival game inspired by Norse mythology is based on PvE (player vs environment) model. The open-world survival and crafting game takes cues from action RPG like the one seen in Dark Souls series. Another appealing factor of Valheim is the simple gameplay mechanics and dynamic effects and visuals that you will witness across various maps. The ‘sparse’ musical notes, impressive lighting, and water effects keeps you engage in the Norse fantasy.

Valheim, Valheim gameplay, Steam, PUBG, Valheim price in India

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Valheim gameplay

Valheim’s narrative starts with the user playing as a Viking dropped in the realm of the tenth Norse world where they must prove themselves to Odin by slaughtering rivals. The adventure begins at a peaceful centre at Valheim and it becomes challenging as you advance level.

As you kick in the beginners’ step, you are dropped in a little forest in the ‘Meadows biome’ where you will find a crow giving tutorial steps. The game is available in both single player and co-op PvE mechanics where you can play with up to 10 players in a single and improve your efficiency. Playing with a group becomes beneficial as you can strategies the mix bag of tasks- from exploring underground dungeons, crafting deadly weapons, building homestead or collecting valuable materials.

Valheim, Valheim gameplay, Steam, PUBG, Valheim price in India

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The game uses a ‘skill-based advancement system’ that rewards you with proficiency for completing tasks, be it swimming, or building a shield. The initial steps require collecting woods, building a makeshift house, crafting a bench, a campfire, and a bed for resting and sleep. There are optional secrets as well that you will discover outside the biome. As you explore, the Norse world opens leading to certain mechanics like building trade routes. Eating food is necessary as it provides stamina and makes it harder for you to get killed. In case you die, you can lose some skill points, so it is advised to take part in the dreaded “corpse run” to revive your stuff. As food is vital at Valheim, so is the practice of using your shield that can pave your way to victory.

As you walk into the meadow you will find deer in almost every nook. Picking a bow is necessary as it can snipe boars or deers at long range. While the first mission demands beating Eikthyrnir (a giant stag demigod), you need to find a deer trophy to summon the giant boss. It is worth mentioning that giant enemies in this Viking-themed game is quite different than the shepherd’s fare.

Valheim tips and tricks to get started

Don’t try and knock down the massive trees as you can die from falling trees. You can start on the small bushes, punch small trees or pick fallen branches.

Swim at your own risk (if you really want to dive in), as swimming in large water bodies take up stamina, and in case you are to run out, you will die from drowning because of low strength.

Crafting a shield is necessary as it will help you to survive and swipe the enemies. For carrying the weapon on your back you can simply press R on your keyboard.

Exploring dungeons can be alluring but it is advised to use map markers to save from yourself being lost in the woods.

Valheim, Valheim gameplay, Steam, PUBG, Valheim price in India

As you delve in to Valheim’s different biomes you can explore the old buildings and obtain resources just by pressing the middle mouse button and destroying the building piece by piece with the hammer (in case you have/crafted one).

Crafting a Pickaxe can help you pass through the intense levels. For this you need to defeat the Stag boss, Eikthyrnir. Combat with the giant boss could be daunting, but once you defeat you will get several pairs of ‘Hard Antlers’ which can be used to unlock the ‘Antler Pickaxe.’

Last piece of advice, co-op (multiplayer) will be advantageous for survival in the gameplay as players team up together to craft bases and gears, explore dungeons, biomes and combat the boss together.

Valheim price in India and availability

The Viking-simulator was released on Steam Early Access on February 2 and within two weeks the title sold 2 million copies. The online PC game is available on Steam for a price at Rs 529. At present, the Valheim is not playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X consoles.

While it can be a bit disappointing for console owners, getting a survival sandbox experience at half the price compared to PUBG can be a sweeter deal at the moment. The visual styles in this survival indie game no doubt looks outdated, but the organic narrative, its antiqueness can intrigue one to hunt through the vast-open Norse land.

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