The new rage in the gaming world is the new game from Riot Games called Valorant. It seems like the Riot Games might be planning on bringing the game to the console and mobile devices sooner than people expected. According to some leaks by the Twitter handle Valorant Leaks, Android, iOS and more prominently PS4 version of the game might be dropping soon. Riot Games has had an interest in the mobile platform and word was doing the rounds about the port.

Valorant: Details

Valorant from Riot Games and it is apparently a cross between Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege. The game was first officially talked about by Riot Games back in 2019. It had announced that the company is working on a new Project-A which it turns out is the game called Valorent.

According to reports by those that have tried out Valorent, the game has strong vibes of Counter Strike Global Offensive with elements from Rainbow Six Siege. Riot Games is pushing this as a competitive shooter of a game. Like in Counter Strike, players in Valorent will be playing in teams of 5 vs another team of 5.

The objective of the game is to either plant a bomb which is called a spike, while the other team defends. Needless of say the team that eliminates the whole of the other team wins the round. There will apparently be 25 rounds total in a game and the objective is to win 13 rounds before the other team does.

It seems like Riot games has confirmed that the final version of the game will be releasing in summer. Besides that the devs will be adding a ranked mode to the game. Players will be able to compete with each other here to determine their ranking.

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