Every gamer knows what Steam is because it has been the Mecca for PC gamers for the longest time ever. Steam is where most games that mean anything have been over the past years. And it has constantly hosted two of the most popular online multiplayer games in the world, Counter Strike and Dota 2. That being said, We can hardly remember when Steam got its last visual overhaul and it has looked almost the same for what now seems like an eternity.

But it seems the team at Steam has finally been deputed by Valve to do some redesigning and have come up with a new look for the gaming client, something which has been long overdue. This new look debuted at GDC 2019 and will apparently make it easier for users to manage their content and discover new games. The most significant addition seems to be the personalized library where users will be able to view updates about the games they own apart from a bunch of other features. Besides these here’s a small list of the other things that are being added.

– The top section shows the most recent games users have been playing.
– The Friends List has been integrated into the right column.
– The games library will now be shown as thumbnails which is reminiscent of consoles.

The new visual update is set to go live during summer 2019 though it will be available in beta. This is probably to scratch out the bugs in the system, and users will still be able to use the older interface during this period.

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