Web browser maker Vivaldi has just launched the mobile version of its app for Android devices across the world. The company revealed that “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” is a “fully-featured browser” with all the essential features ready to go. The launch of this browser is part of the gradual expansion for the company to the mobile browsing space. Vivaldi clarified that “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” is more like a continuation of the desktop experience. This new version also follows the mission statement of Vivaldi by respecting the privacy of users, offering customization without any tracking.

Vivaldi Mobile for Android details

To be clear, the company has just launched a Beta version of Vivaldi Mobile for Android in the market. The company claims that users can browse through the internet with security, power, and style on Android devices. However, there is one limitation to the current version of “Vivaldi Mobile for Android”; users need to be on Android 5 Lollipop or later to run this browser. Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner issued a statement adding, “The browser you choose on your mobile device requires more and more agility to be effective in your day-to-day. Vivaldi rises to the challenge.”

Tetzchner went on to add, “As the way people use phones continues to evolve, we’ll strive to continually innovate, bringing the best possible browsing experience to your mobile devices.” Talking about the features, Vivaldi Mobile features familiar tools like Panels, Speed Dials, Notes, and Capture. The company has also introduced cross-platform sync for bookmarks, passwords, history, notes, speed dials, and more. Vivaldi Mobile follows a similar aesthetic to what we see in the desktop version including the icons. The homepage Address Bar also allows users to navigate the internet, search using installed search engine with nicknames or search bookmarks.

Vivaldi also revealed that the browser comes with “a new caliber of browsing” introducing dark and light themes. It features built-in notes, speed dials, and bookmarks, tab management, quick search engine switching, and more. Similar to most other browsers, Vivaldi Mobile for Android also features private tabs, screenshot capturing, and more. Interested users can head to the Google Play Store and install the new mobile web browser.

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