Chinese smartphone maker Vivo seems to be working on its first Android-based smartwatch. The company has not revealed anything in the official capacity. However, a new report hints at a leaked patent regarding the upcoming smartwatch. This patent also showcases the design of the upcoming Android smartwatch. The leak comes just about a week after reports surfaced online reaffirming the upcoming launch. For context, Vivo initially revealed the plans to launch the product almost a year back on Innovation Day. It also pointed out that the Vivo Smartwatch is expected to launch this year. Let’s check the details regarding the smartwatch here.

Vivo Smartwatch patent leak; details

A Twitter user @_the_tech_guy first shared 8 images for the upcoming Vivo smartwatch. These images feature a wire-frame design from multiple angles. Inspecting the images, it appears that the Vivo smartwatch will feature a traditional watch design. This includes the “seconds” markings on the frame, three buttons on the right side, and the usual straps. The bottom side of the watch hints at a built-in heart rate monitor. We are unsure if Vivo will add advanced features such as ECG detection, and more. The leaked design also hinted at possible user-replaceable straps. Considering that it is likely a smartwatch, we can likely anticipate a contact-pins based charging system on the back.

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The leaked design revealed that the “Vivo Watch” will feature a circular display. However, this is different from what past reports have hinted. Previous information hinted at an Apple Watch-like design, something that we have seen on Oppo and Xiaomi smartwatches.

It is unclear if this new design leak is the real deal. However, the source notes that they found the official Vivo design patent regarding the smartwatch. We are also not sure if this is the only wearable that Vivo will launch in the market. We will have to wait for the official teasers or announcements to verify the authenticity of this design. In the meantime, we will keep you updated with the latest leaks around the upcoming wearable.

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