Vivo took the market by surprise last year when it unveiled the NEX with a pop-up selfie camera and then followed with a Dual Display Edition that gets rid of the notch and offers an edge-to-edge display design. Now, it seems the Chinese smartphone maker has even more ambitious plans for this year if a series of new rumors originating from China are anything to go by. The company is working on a new smartphone codenamed “The Waterdrop” which is expected to have a unique design, something that has not been seen on any other smartphone till now.

The details of this upcoming device were shared by tipster IceUniverse where the tweet says it’s guaranteed you “have never seen a similar phone design” and notes that this will be the first time in mobile history when a manufacturer is trying something like this. Now, the big question is what does “this design” mean. The tipster also notes that the design of “The Waterdrop” is inspired by the cosmic detector in the novel Three Body.

The two images shared by the tipster purportedly show the design of this Vivo smartphone in bits and pieces and portray the back and side of the smartphone. The images do not reveal anything beyond the fact that the edges blend into the other side and it is impossible to make out what this design would mean in the real world.

It is possible that we are looking at a smartphone with glass that actually starts at the front and wraps around at the back. In other words, we are looking at a much-glorified version of iPhone X‘s design where the display wraps inside the device. There are a lot of questions around Vivo’s “The Waterdrop” phone and we might get answers at MWC 2019 next month.

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