Vodafone international roaming plans, voice and data benefits for postpaid users detailed

Towards the end of last year, Vodafone India silently hiked the rates of iRoamFree international roaming plans for postpaid users. With the iRoamFree plans, Vodafone users can get unlimited calls and data while roaming in 20 countries. Other plans offer free incoming and limited data in 46 other countries.

Benefits remain the same across all plans, which includes unlimited calling and data in select countries. The list of 20 countries include USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand, Spain, and New Zealand among others. Here is a look at Vodafone international roaming plans for postpaid users.

Vodafone iRoamFree Rs 599 plan benefits

Vodafone has four iRoamFree plans, each catering to different needs of users. The basic plan valid for 24 hours is available for Rs 599 per day. With this plan activated, you get unlimited local and international calling, unlimited incoming calls, and unlimited data for 24 hours. Till you are in the roaming region, and your phone is connected to the cellular network, the plan will keep refreshing every 24 hours.

Vodafone iRoamFree Rs 2,999, Rs 3,999, Rs 5,999 plan benefits

The second plan is available for Rs 2,999, and comes with a validity of seven days. The third one will set you back by Rs 3,999 and comes with 10 days validity. The last plan is priced at Rs 5,999, and comes with 25 days validity.

Vodafone iRoamFree plan benefits in other counties

In countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Taiwan, Finland, Oman, Hong Kong, Poland, Indonesia, South Korea, and Macau, among others, there is a slight change in benefits. The Rs 599 plan offers 50 minutes outgoings (local + international), 10 SMS free, and 300MB data. The Rs 2,999 plan offers 200 minutes of calling, 25 free SMS, and 2GB data valid for seven days.

In case of the other two plans, the Rs 3,999 plan offers 10 days validity, 300 minutes of calling, 50 free SMS and 3GB data, whereas the Rs 5,999 plan offers 28 days validity, 500 minutes of calling, 100 free SMS, and 5GB data.

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