Recently, a durability test video of the Redmi Note 7 was posted online, which revealed that the device is not as durable as Xioami claimed. It failed in real-life bending and durability tests done by YouTubers. Now, it’s Mi 9’s turn and the video uploaded on JerryRigEverything YouTube channel shows that Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 9 has managed to survive the scratch, burn, and bend test.

One can also check the video below, which shows how the Mi 9 passes the test with flying colors. The test began with the scratch test and the device with Gorilla Glass 6 survive being scratched with a knife. Furthermore, Xiaomi asserted that the device features a Sapphire Glass protection on top of the cameras on the rear side. “The camera cover is made up of Sapphire Glass that provides lasting protection while improving transparency,” as per the Chinese company.

The name itself is confusing as one might think whether the material used is glass or sapphire. In addition, Sapphire is reportedly much tougher than glass. The video explained that the glass used on a smartphone’s display scratches at a level 6, while the Sapphire at level 9 on the Mohs scale. Additionally, Sapphire has more scratch resistance properties. However, this isn’t the case with Mi 9 as the glass on top of the Mi 9’s rear camera scratches at level 6, similar to the display.

But, the YouTuber notes that “Xiaomi is indeed using Sapphire, just not a quality version of it.” The video also showed that the in-display fingerprint sensor was also working well. Furthermore, the smartphone features an OLED panel, which sailed through the test with flying colors. The same is the case with the bend test. All in all, the video suggested that Xiaomi’s Mi 9 is one good durable flagship smartphone. To recall, the flagship is built around a Snapdragon 855 chipset and packs a massive 48-megapixel Sony primary sensor in a triple camera arrangement.

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