There’s a lot of Chinese players in the PUBG Mobile and the other versions of the battle royale game. And there aren’t enough Chinese servers to accommodate them all. Hence Chinese players have to be queued in other servers to play with people from around the world. What happens as a result is that players who get queued into teams with other Chinese people have a tough time communicating with them. The situation is the same for the Chinese people as well.

And then there comes this American YouTuber, Ari ‘Xiomanyc’ Smith, who jump in the game with Chinese players and speaks in Mandarin with them. The YouTuber explains that he is in the process of learning the language and this is how he wants to practice it. Once he jumps in the game he starts off by speaking in English. This naturally surprises the Chinese players since he is playing the Chinese version of the game. This ensured that he will only be encountering Chinese players in the game.

Once the other players realize that he is an English speaker they assume that they will not be able to communicate with him. This is when he surprises them by starting to speak in Mandarin. Communication is extremely essential in a team game like PUBG Mobile. And language barriers are the obstacles to forming an international team. A team with players from different nationalities would need all players to speak a common language. This is difficult most of the time, but this turns out to be one of those fortunate times when an American can communicate with the Chinese.

This surprises and delights the Mandarin speaking teammates of  Ari ‘Xiomanyc’ Smith. They become enthusiastic about being on a team with another person from a different part of the world who speak their language. Check out the full video above.

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