Electronic gadgets have gradually turned an integral part of our lives so instances of them catching fire or even exploding attract a lot of attention and concern about the safety of other people using a similar product around the world. According to a new report, an Apple MacBook Pro exploded and then caught fire. While no one was hurt in the incident, it did cause some damage to the owner’s floor. The user who reported this is White Panda, a DJ who initially shared the incident on Twitter with more details in a post on Reddit.

According to the shared details, White Panda was using the laptop on his lap, plugged in when he noticed smoke spewing out from both sides of the laptop. He emphasized that he was using the laptop normally without really abusing it in any way. He quickly placed the laptop on the floor where the Apple MacBook Pro exploded, the amount of smoke increased as the laptop caught fire. The amount of smoke triggered Carbon Monoxide and smoke alarms. However, he noted that things would have been so much worse if this had happened if he was on a plane. He further explained that he took the exploded MacBook Pro to his local Apple Store where the staff placed the laptop in a fire-proof safe asking him to wait about 24 hours.

According to the latest update, White Panda notes that Apple Store did not call him after 24 hours so he reached out to them for a response. The store staff informed him that the case has been “escalated” and Apple would reach out to him within five days. In response to his tweet and the video of the laptop spewing smoke, some users noted that this is likely because of the swollen battery inside the MacBook Pro. It is worth noting that such an incident is possible with any battery operated gadget but regardless, it is quite scary.

Not many Apple devices have been center of such a mishap but we will keep an eye on any other instances involving Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro devices. It is also worth noting that in case you see that the battery of your smartphone, laptop or any other electronic device has expanded then we advise you to immediately stop using it and contact the company instead.

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