Every CS:GO players dreams of getting a one bullet ace. Which means, one bullet to kill all five enemies in the opposing team. But few have ever been able to achieve this feat, and fewer have been recorded. But it seems a legitimate video has surfaced which shows exactly this. A player managed to kill all five enemies with a single bullet which essentially ended the round then and there.

This video was posted on Twitter by a user named Rivalry. The video shows that the match is taking place in the map de_Inferno with the player on the Terrorist side of the game. The terrorists rush alleyway in a line and that is when an opponent in the Counter Terrorist team kills all of them with an AWP in one bullet. The AWP is one of the few guns in CS:GO that can kill five enemies.

Check out the video below. The player who got the kills probably didn’t even expect this to turn out like this. But this happy accident made for one really unique video.

Another incident that turned out to be a happy accident and a really fun clip was when a player managed to throw an AWP to his teammate halfway across the map in the new Anubis map. This is an unusual method of transferring weapons and the player ends up hurting his teammates in front of him as well as himself with the nade. But like some of the tricks on CS:GO this would just end up as a novelty since this is quite impractical and difficult to perfectly recreate.

But those that were able to make this happen would be happy to know that they created something that is quite difficult to recreate. Such videos are not unusual for CS:GO. We have seen previous videos where a smoke thrown from the A site on Dust 2 take out 1 HP teammate or enemy at long .

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