WATCH: Microsoft lights up Burj Khalifa for prompting Windows 11 release

Microsoft goes way too far for promoting its newly released operating system dubbed Windows 11. The tech giant opts for an unimaginable marketing strategy, which we are sure that you haven’t heard of before. The company gets the iconic Burj Khalifa lit up entirely in blue colors to celebrate the launch of Windows 11.

Microsoft UAE tweeted the image of lightning Burj Khalifa in royal blue colors with the signature wallpaper and Windows 11 displayed in the middle of the building. The highest footfall in Dubai was covered in blue, the new bloom wallpaper, Windows logo, and Windows 11 inscription. The tech giant released its much-awaited operating system on October 5 with interesting and upgraded features than any other Windows in history.

Microsoft’s marketing strategy doesn’t end here as the company collaborates with ‘Mikey Likes it Ice cream,’ a popular ice cream parlor in New York, to memorialize the celebration. The ice cream parlor introduced a new ‘Bloomberry’ flavor to celebrate the brand-new operating system. To commemorate the event, the company also lit up the Space Needle in Seattle and managed to grab a corner of Times Square.

Gates and Allen established Microsoft made significant changes in design, interface, and Start Menu in the new OS. However, Hi Cortana, the welcome screen has been removed, and you won’t get to see live titles in the new Windows.

Microsoft recently relaunched the PC Health Check app for everyone, which allows you to check the eligibility status of Windows 10 PCs. You can also check the minimum system requirements to determine whether your PC can receive the new operating system update.

How to upgrade to Windows 11

  1. Check your PC supporting Microsoft’s PC Health Check app
  2. Back up all your documents, data, and apps
  3. Click on settings
  4. Go to update and security
  5. Click on Windows Update
  6. Check all updates
  7. You will see Windows 11 option
  8. Click download and install
  9. Follow on-screen prompts and configure windows 11 settings.

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