We’ve posted quirky videos from PUBG and people playing it and getting kills before. And the video we found today is a fun one where a streamer dad playing with his baby while streaming PUBG gets a one-hand kill. He does this all the while playing with his baby. The video was posted on Reddit by user Nitesan who is also the dad in the screen.

The video is not a long one and is only 22 seconds in length. The video shows that the player is prone inside a house and has placed a couple of gas canister near the door. His character seems to be aiming at the canister with an MK-14 weapon. In the real world, which can be seen in the camera input the user seems to be playing with his baby.

They keep swiveling in his chair, and then he hears enemies approaching and gets ready to intercept them with just one hand on the mouse, all the while holding his baby in the other hand. As soon as the two enemies enter the shack, he blows up the gas canister killing them instantly. Check it out here.


The new PUBG update 7.1 which brings season 7 of the game is now live on the main server. This new update brings back the Vikendi map after a rework. The Vikendi map was retired when Season 6 was introduced. During that time, the devs have put a lot of work into making PUBG’s frosty Battleground something new and special.

Vikendi has had quite a few changes since we saw it last. It has an updated terrain, adjusted snow levels (and then readjusted them based on player test feedback), changed cities and landmarks, added a multi-track railway system to help navigate the island, and even converted the quaint Dino Park into Dinoland, the Prehistoric Park of the Future.

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