Watch: This developer was able to run Windows 11 on 6-year-old Nokia Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft recently introduced Windows 11, a successor to Windows 10. Soon after this, the preview is also available for people to try its early build. While people are trying to get hold of the same on their PCs and laptops, someone has tried doing something bizarre: running Windows 11 on a six-year-old Nokia Lumia 950 XL.

A developer going by the name Gustave Monce managed to port Windows 11 on the now-discontinued Nokia smartphone. Crazy right? Here are all the details to see.

Windows 11 on a smartphone? Yea, it happened!

It is suggested that Monce, prior to the official announcement ran Windows 11 on the same Nokia device but it was later clarified that it was via a remote desktop.

Now that Windows 11 is official, the developer was finally able to install Windows 11 on the Nokia Lumia 950 XL smartphone directly. The aim was to see how the new OS works on a small screen of a smartphone.

Monce made a video of the same showing how Windows 11 looks on a smartphone. He even shared screenshots of how Windows 11’s Start menu and more elements look like.

As per the video, he was able to use the Start menu and the taskbar, access the notifications and the quick settings: mainly the basic functions. But,  don’t get too excited. Considering it’s a smartphone, that too, quite an old one, the usage lagged.

The phone’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip wasn’t able to handle the working well and there were stutters. Plus, the icons ended up appearing really small, which made scrolling through them difficult. Double-tapping or rotating the screen or launching the file explorer was also a bit buggy.

While installing Windows 11 on a phone isn’t a feasible idea, the fact that it happened proves to be quite intriguing. Plus, at least one can get an idea of how it looks on a phone. This is not the first something of this sort that has happened. Previously, Windows 10 Arm on an old phone.

To recall, Windows 11 offers support for Android apps, improved multi-tasking, the new Microsoft Store, and loads more.

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