If you are an active Twitter user, you must have come across tweets consisting of a cube puzzle in yellow, green, and black colour. Wondering what that is? It is the new word-guessing game that everyone on social media is going crazy about. Let’s explain in detail.

The game, created by Josh Wardle, is a love letter to his wife. As per reports, Wardle designed the word game after he and his wife Palak Shah began to play The New York Times’ spelling bee and crossword puzzles on a regular basis.

In Wordle, you get six chances to guess a five-letter word for the day. The word changes every day and that keeps you excited for the next day. Everyone playing the game gets to guess the same word. So, if you have guessed the word for the day, ensure to not reveal that to your friends or others playing the game.

So, how do you play Wordle?

You simply head over to the website or click here (https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/) and start guessing the word.

There are few rules and guidelines to be followed to play the online game.

1. There are three colours that the cube shows – yellow, green and black.

Yellow means: the alphabet you guessed is there in the word, but its placement is wrong.

Green means: the alphabet you guessed is there in the word and the placement is also right.

Black means: the alphabet you guessed isn’t there in the ‘word of the day’.


2. You get only six chances.

3. Once you have entered a word, it can’t be changed.

Now that we know the rules of the game, here’s how to play the game.

Step 1: Head to the official website of Wordle.

Step 2: Guess a word.

Step 3: Once you click on enter, the site will show alphabets in yellow, black and green.

Step 4: Now start guessing the next word around the yellow and green words.

Step 5: Keep guessing until you get the right word. Notably, you only get six chances.

Wordle is a quiet and engaging game and everyone on social media is going crazy over it.

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