Instant messaging application WhatsApp recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Store, available to all users under its beta program. The new update has the version number 2.20.143. The much-awaited multi-device feature that the company has been working on since last year is still not here. However, small elements and hints towards the incoming feature are now beginning to show.

As per a report by WABetaInfo, the implementation of WhatsApp multi-user support is just beginning in the new beta update. The feature allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. Logging in from a secondary device will still keep the same account logged in on another device. WhatsApp has already started adding elements that hint at the arrival of the feature on Android. This includes the “Use WhatsApp on other devices text”.

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Another clue for the incoming feature is spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta. The new login screen for the app now asks for a WiFi connection. This points to a large amount of data being needed while logging into your account from a new device. The data will likely be your chat and media history from other devices that will be synced to the new device you are logging into.

WhatsApp multi-device feature: What we know

What sets this feature apart from WhatsApp Web is that the primary phone or device need not be connected to the internet to share the account. The multiple devices in use will function independently. Moreover, all incoming messages and actions will be synced in real-time across all devices. This even includes actions like star-marked messages, muted contacts, and archived chats.

The feature is still under development for now and will be available in a stable form later. Meanwhile, the latest WhatsApp beta 2.20.143 is rolling out in a phased manner as usual. Hence, if you don’t see the update immediately, just wait it out for a few days. The update should soon roll out in your region as well.

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