WhatsApp has just rolled out a new update for its Beta users for Android. This new update brings the WhatsApp version number up to Similar to most Beta updates in the past, a report has inspected the internal code to uncover some hidden features. The primary feature that this update introduces is providing users with the ability to hide muted Status updates. This means that users can use this feature to hide Status updates from WhatsApp contacts that you have muted in the past. The company is currently working of refining the feature before rolling it out to the public.

According to the screenshots of this upcoming feature, WhatsApp will likely add “Hide” button in the “Muted updates” section. Users can use this toggle to quickly hide or show the “Muted updates” section. If the users select the “Hide” button, all the Status updates appearing in this section will collapse and hide under the “Muted updates” banner. WABetaInfo noted that this feature is currently hidden. This likely means that the feature won’t be available to the public immediately. WhatsApp developers are likely to take their sweet time before rolling out the feature to Beta users and then to the general public.

WhatsApp Beta Update: Pace of development

This update comes just about two weeks after WABetaInfo called out WhatsApp for extremely slow development. The report noted and compared the progress of WhatsApp with its rival Telegram when it came to rolling out new features. It also asked a lot of questions about missing WhatsApp features along with redundant or useless limitation. Some of the problems that the report highlighted include compressed images, and the inability to hiding “online” status. Other problems include the inability to edit messages, prompt about message deleted, poor privacy around and more.

This update comes right after another report that noted that WhatsApp has added a new sharing feature. This feature will allow users to share their WhatsApp status updates on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. Similar to most WhatsApp beta features, this feature is not visible for non-beta users for Android. In addition to that, WhatsApp has not revealed any information about the public rollout of the update.

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