WhatsApp brings this change to audio messages: New feature rolling out for these users

WhatsApp releases new features almost every other day. As per the latest report, the instant messaging platform is rolling out a new voice waveform design in chat bubbles. The feature is currently rolling out for select beta users on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Not all beta users will get the feature just yet. If you haven’t received the feature yet, it is possible that you will need to wait for a little longer.

New audio messages feature

As per the latest report, users who have the feature enabled will be able to see it when the update is available for them. It is said that the new change in audio messages will not be visible when receiving a voice note from someone who does not have the feature enabled.

WhatsApp is yet to confirm the release timeline of the feature, but the new report suggests that it could be available much sooner than expected. As always, the feature should be available for beta users first, followed by a stable release.

WhatsApp’s upcoming features

The instant messaging platform is also working on several other new features such as redesigned chat bubble, reaction on messages, and much more.

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As per reports circulating on the internet, the redesigned chat bubbles will be completely revamped and offer more rounded, larger, and colorful bubbles. This feature is currently being tested for iOS beta users and should be available for Android users soon. WhatsApp hasn’t revealed any details about the stable release of the feature yet.

Another interesting feature that instant messaging is currently working on is reactions to messages with emojis. This upcoming feature will work like that of Instagram and Facebook messages reactions. The upcoming feature will allow users to react to messages with an emoji of their choice. The reaction feature is said to be available for both individual and group messages.

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