WhatsApp launches new features almost every other month. By introducing these features, the secure messaging platform aims to offer a seamless experience to users out there. Facebook CEO and WhatsApp Head recently confirmed to bring multi-device support, disappearing mode and more features in the months to come. Meanwhile, the messaging platform releases a new feature we all have a been waiting for a long time.

The new WhatsApp feature is related to voice messages. WhatsApp launches playback speeds for voice messages. This feature was available for beta users all this while. The messaging platform has now released the new feature for everyone globally.

The new playback speeds feature is rolling out to everyone but in a phased manner. So, if you still haven’t received the feature, don’t worry, it will soon be available via a new update. To check whether you received the feature or not, head to the app store and update the app right away.

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The new WhatsApp feature brings three playback speed options to choose from for voice messages. Once the feature is rolled out, users will be able to listen to WhatsApp voice messages at three different speeds: normal speed, 1.5x speed, and 2x speed. Notably, all WhatsApp voice messages will play at normal speed by default. Users can change the setting as per their requirement.

Once the new feature is officially rolled out, the WhatsApp playback speed icon will be visible in a voice message. To change the setting, users can simply tap the icon to adjust the voice message playback speeds as per their need. To adjust the settings, users will first need to tap to increase the speed by 1.5x and then by 2x. There is no option for a slower playback speed for voice messages here.

While the new feature is just a small addition to the platform it will eventually turn out to be extremely useful for WhatsApp users.

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