WhatsApp has just rolled out a new beta version for iOS users with a number of small changes. As part of the new update, WhatsApp is now up to version number and all the changes here will roll out in the next official update for WhatsApp on iOS with version number 2.16.60. Going through all the changes that will soon roll out to all WhatsApp users on iOS, the most significant one is likely to be the removal of the ability to save the profile picture of other users. The company has already removed the feature it on the WhatsApp Beta for Android. We are unsure about why the company decided to remove the functionality, but it likely because of privacy-related reasons.

It is worth noting that the ability to save the profile images is still present for groups where group members can save the profile image of their group. According to a report by WABetaInfo that covered all the major changes, WhatsApp is working on improving its photo album layout. This is the same layout that appears when a user shares multiple photos at once. Taking a look at the screenshots with the new interface, users will also get to know the total number of photos that are part of a photo album along with the total download size.

Talking about other changes, WhatsApp for iOS is also switching to M4A format based on AAC codec for wider app support from the current OPUS files. Developers have made improvements in the Beta version while streaming videos and while getting notifications for the messages received. After the new update, WhatsApp also recommends users to change their phone number when they are trying to delete their account as most users opt for deleting their account when they get a new number.

Beyond this, WhatsApp has also made improvements to the Voice messages and voice calls along with improvements in translation. Developers are also working on adding interactive buttons in the future update, a feature that was recently indicated in leaked slides. According to the report, these buttons are likely to be contextually based on the type of media or message sent.

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