WhatsApp partners with 1Bridge to bring digital payments in 500 villages in Maharashtra, Karnataka

Meta recently hosted the Fuel for India 2021 event in India. At the event, WhatsApp announced the Digital Payments Utsav programme as a part of which, the company will adopt 500 villages in Karnataka and Maharashtra to promote digital payments in India.

WhatsApp revealed that it has launched a pilot program on October 15, and the company partnered with a Bengaluru-based rural development firm called 1Bridge to interact with the residents of Kyathanahalli village in Karnataka’s Mandya district. As a part of the pilot program, the villagers were taught how to sign up for UPI and how to set up UPI. They were also taught the best practices for making payments using UPI. WhatsApp offers digital payment services in India via WhatsApp Pay that uses the government’s UPI for making transactions.

“We are committed to accelerating financial inclusion in the country. We have started this pilot programme in 500 villages across Karnataka and Maharashtra as part of our mission to take on board the next 500 million into the digital payments ecosystem,” WhatsApp India head Abhijit Bose said while making the announcement.

At the event, WhatsApp also shared the response that its Digital Payments Utsav pilot programme has got so far. The company said that small businesses in the village such as poultry shops and grocery stores had started adopting WhatsApp Pay for making transactions. A member of the local panchayat also shared his views on the development. “Withdrawing money from banks in villages used to be tedious and time-consuming and ATMs also don’t usually have cash. Things have become much easier because of payments on WhatsApp,” he said.

What else?

Separately, at the event, WhatsApp and JioPlatforms also announced how the two companies were partnering to enable users to shop for groceries on JioMart via WhatsApp. In addition to that, the two companies also announced that JioMobile users will be able to recharge their prepaid Jio mobile numbers using JioCare on WhatsApp.

“WhatsApp is extremely simple and easy to use; So there’s no customer inhibition when ordering for supplies…And digital shopping is now just an extension of messaging via WhatsApp to JioMart,” JioPlatforms’ Director Akash Ambani had said at the occasion.

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