WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. While social messaging remains the key feature of this Facebook-owned service, it also offers other features that have gained traction. One such feature is called WhatsApp Status, which is essentially a clone of Snapchat Stories. It is so popular that Facebook confirmed there are 500 million daily users on WhatsApp Status. In other words, there are 500 million WhatsApp users who post Status every day. WhatsApp Status, like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, is an ephemeral messaging system, that disappears after 24 hours. Creating a WhatsApp Status or posting one is rather easy.

On WhatsApp, a user simply needs to tap on the Status tab next to Chats. Here you can see all the statuses posted by your WhatsApp contacts. You can also tap on ‘My status’ option to upload your own status that will disappear after 24 hours. Alternately, you can also tap on the camera icon on the left side of the Chats tab to directly post Status from your camera. One of the main highlights of WhatsApp Status is that they get removed after 24 hours. So, if your friend shares something funny or interesting, you can view them for 24 hours. What if you want to save that content? There is a solution. As always, before saving WhatsApp Status of your friend, don’t forget to ask their permission. The privacy should not be an afterthought and should be a human right.

How to save WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos on your Android smartphone

While the primary purpose of WhatsApp Status is to be ephemeral in communication, a workaround is all you need to save those photos and videos. If you are an Android user then all you need is simply a file manager. Google Files App is one of the popular file manager app and readily installed on Pixel and Android One devices. You can use other file manager apps as well but the steps will vary. Here is how to save the disappearing Status using Google Files app:

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Step 1

Open Google Files app on your Android smartphone. Now, click on the hamburger icon on the top left corner and tap on Settings. The same step on Google’s Pixel smartphones can be done from Files app by clicking on three-dots icon at the top right and jumping into Settings.

Step 2

On the next screen, click on enable Show hidden files. This step will remind you of those days when you select hidden files on Windows. On Pixel, tap on enable ‘Show internal storage’.

Step 3

Now, go to the main interface of Files app and click on Internal storage.

Step 4

Inside Internal Storage, tap on WhatsApp Folder and navigate to Media. Here you will find a new folder called ‘.Statuses’.

Step 5

Inside this folder, you will see Status photos and videos posted by your friends. In order to save them, you can select the file and then click on Copy and then paste it in any folder of your choice. The method allows users to save WhatsApp Status of friends that you have opened in the last 24 hours. A gentle reminder: Please do tell your friend that you have saved their Status for future use.

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