Developers behind the messaging platform WhatsApp continues to work on adding new and improving existing features amidst the global pandemic. And now the newest one seems to be targeted specifically towards Indians. According to a new tweet by WABetaInfo, the app no longer supports video statuses over 15 seconds. This is probably to make sure that the bandwidths of Indian telecoms are not stretched.

The company recently announced information online, the company continues to roll out beta updates and behind-the-scenes improvements. Most public beta updates tend to focus on under the hood changes and improvements. However, the developers continue to work on multiple hidden features that are likely to roll out in the coming months. One of the key features that the company is currently working on is multi-device support. This feature is set to change the way we use WhatsApp by allowing true multi-device support. The company added a small yet important update to this unreleased feature. Let’s take a closer look.

WhatsApp continues to work on new features; details

According to the noted source of WhatsApp-related leaks, WABetaInfo, the company has added a new change to the multi-device support feature. Taking a closer look, now, WhatsApp can send a “new device” notification to other contacts. As per the report, one will be able to see if their WhatsApp contact has added their WhatsApp account on a new device. WhatsApp will send a message stating “ABC’s device list changed. Tap for more info.” ABC here will be the name of the user who added WhatsApp account to a new device. This notification is similar to the one we get when a user re-installs or installs WhatsApp.

Digging a bit further, we find that this notification is part of the end-to-end encryption system. One will receive this notification on the “device list” change because it would change the encryption keys. The company has likely made the required changes to allow multi-device end-to-end encryption.

The report did not reveal the version of WhatsApp that brings this new change. However, it did note that this notification will be available both on Android and iOS apps in the future. This change is likely part of improving and fleshing out the feature before an extended test run. The feature may still be months, if not more than a year away.

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