WhatsApp: Top five WhatsApp security tips to keep your account safe

WhatsApp is a widely popular cross-messaging platform among users. The Facebook-owned app not only allows you to send text, but you can record voice messages, video calls, send images and live location as well. While these are basic offerings, WhatsApp also provides certain tools and features that you can configure and take control of safety and privacy within the app. With cybersecurity attacks on rising, miscreants have aimed to exploit’s data via apps and devices by taking advantage of social networking tools. In case you haven’t tried to configure the safety features in your WhatsApp account, we have enlisted a few security tips to help you maintain the privacy.

Tweak your privacy settings

In case you want to save your profile photo from being downloaded by strangers, it is recommended to tweak the privacy settings. The changes can simply be done by setting last seen, profile photo, about, and status to either my contacts or only me. Here’s how can tweak the privacy preference. Open the WhatsApp on your mobile and tap on the three-dot at the top right corner. The leading tile will open WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy and then select the options that you prefer.

Two-step verification

For an added layer of security, WhatsApp has provided a two-step verification feature. All you need to do is create a sensible 6-digit PIN code (not your birthday) to save your texts from being accessed by users who are not on your contact list. The option can be enabled by heading to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. Add your email address as well so that you can reset the PIN in case you forget it.

Lock your WhatsApp account

The social messaging platform offers a dedicated fingerprint lock feature for its users. The feature helps to prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp chats even if they get a hold of your phone (unlocked). To enable the feature open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy. Once the privacy tab is opened scroll to the bottom and tap fingerprint lock. You can also adjust the lock screen timing and turn on ‘show content notifications.’

Device linking security update

WhatsApp also provides the option to link your account to your computer. In order to link WhatsApp web to your WhatsApp account, you will be first asked to open the app on your phone via the dedicated fingerprint lock. While trying to link the account to the desktop by scanning the QR code, a notice pops up on the smartphone whenever Web/Desktop login is prompted. This really helps to secure the account from being hacked as you can easily unlink the devices from your phone if you see any unknown login activity. To link your WhatsApp account to the desktop, open the WhatsApp web on your device, and on the desktop simultaneously. A QR code will pop up on the computer, scan it with your mobile and the chat layout will then open on your PC.

Report issues and spam

It’s no strange to receive hoax messages in social media apps. In case you have somehow received malicious links via unknown contact and want to stop this annoying activity once and for all here’s what you can do. Whenever you receive a text from some stranger for the first time, you are given the option to report the number as spam. To report certain security or privacy-related concerns, go to Settings > About and help > Contact us. To report spam just head to WhatsApp > Tap and open the profile information of an individual or group you want to report then scroll down to the bottom and click on the Report Spam option.

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