WhatsApp is now shipping ‘Consecutive Voice Messages’ playback feature in the latest stable Android update on Google Play. The feature was submitted in the WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.86 in March, and in about two months time, the feature has finally made it to the stable release.

The Google Play listing changelog of WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.150 notes that “Consecutive Voice Messages will now play in sequence, so you don’t have to press play on each message.” The new continuous audio message playback feature has been around for a while on iOS. It enables users to play consecutive voice messages automatically, instead of playing a voice message manually. Additionally, WhatsApp update has fixed CVE-2019-3568 vulnerability.

WhatsApp was recently affected by a spyware attack which could enable an attacker to insert and execute code on a user’s phone through a WhatsApp voice call, whether the call was answered or not. This spyware named Pegasus could potentially extract all the WhatsApp data from your smartphone, which include text messages, GPS location, email, browser history, images and more. Apparently, the spyware was developed by an Israeli cyber intelligence company for the NSO Group.

The Facebook-owned company had urged users’ to update the app, but didn’t disclose the number of people that may have been affected by the vulnerability. It was reportedly discovered last month, and has been fixed already in previous WhatsApp update.

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WhatsApp continues to add new features in a bid to offer users a more convenient chat experience. The messaging platform recently released a new Android 2.19.151 beta update, which brought two new features, including Share to Facebook and QR code. The reason behind offering this feature could be the growing popularity of the “Stories” feature, which one will find everywhere, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Additionally, a Wabetainfo report suggested that WhatsApp users will soon witness a “Add to Facebook Story” button. But, you will only be able to share your WhatsApp story if the Facebook app is installed on your device.

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