WhatsApp will make archived chats stay where they belong, even if there’s a new message

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to make things smoother for people. This time it’s for the archived chats. The messaging app has introduced a new setting that will help keep archived chats where they belong. No more of them popping up when a message is received.

This will help people keep their priority chat windows on the top and keep the less important ones in a separate folder.

New WhatsApp feature for archived chats introduced

To put things into perspective, the chats that you have archived on WhatsApp will remain in the folder, even when a new message from those chats appear. Up until now, archived chats came out of their folder whenever a new message surfaced.

The feature is a default setting and will work until you choose to unarchive them. In case you want to roll back to keeping those chats archived, you can do that too.

The feature is another attempt by WhatsApp to help people have interruption-free conversations. It will also help them keep the priority things right in front of their eyes.

WhatsApp, in a press release, said, “We know that not everything always needs to be front and centre for you. We want to make sure that WhatsApp remains a private and secure place where you can speak to the people who are most important to you and where you’re in control of your messages.”

In case you don’t know how to archive a chat, here’s what to do:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: On iOS, swipe right to get the Archive option. Tap on the option to archive the chat.

Step 3: To access the archived chat, swipe down and you will find the folder to view them. You can unarchive the chats by swiping right.

Step 4: On Android, long-press a chat and type on the Archive icon (downward arrow) to do the job.

Step 5: To view the archived chats, you have to follow the same instructions as for iOS. To unarchive a chat, visit the Archive folder and long-press the chat to get the option.

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