WhatsApp has just issued an official statement in response to the recently reported old message deletion bug. As part of the announcement, the company stated that it is aware of the bug, and its developers are working on fixing the problem. The statement by the spokesperson for the company also indicated that the company seems to be in touch with users who have encountered this particular problem. This comes just hours after reports highlighting the problem started surfacing on the internet.

To recap, a number of WhatsApp users started complaining that the app was automatically deleting old messages from the history. As reported previously, the issue about disappearing old messages is only limited to Android app, and the pattern seems “quite random”. A number of users took to  Twitter to report the problem stating that messages from 2015 or even 2018 started disappearing. The report also noted that the bug has been present in the app for one month, and it was initially reported by a Moto G4 Plus user last month. The report also noted that the app deleted the messages in “chronological order’.

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Conflicting accounts about how the bug deletes messages indicate that it is unclear on how the bug actually works. This came right after it was reported that WhatsApp is working on a new feature for its WhatsApp that will allow users to lock down the app with the help of fingerprint or facial recognition authentication features.

In case you want to ensure that you don’t lose any of your data then it is a good idea to make use of the built-in backup tool of WhatsApp. Users can also link their Google accounts to ensure that the daily or weekly backup files are uploaded to their Google Drive accounts. The company is also working on a reworked audio sharing section that allows users to see the album art preview along with the ability to preview the audio files.

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