Multiple reports have surfaced online highlighting several issues with the latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10. This new update is causing problems both for users trying to install or the ones who have installed the update. According to the information available online, the problematic Windows 10 cumulative update, KB4549951 does not note any “known issues”. According to the user complaints, people are getting generic error messages with a host of error codes. Taking a closer look, the reported error codes include 0x8007000d, 0x800f081f, 0x80073701, and more. Let’s check out the reported issues with the latest Windows 10 update here.

Windows 10 update causes new problems; details

According to a report from WindowsLatest, the problems with the update are stopping users from keeping their devices updated. We are not aware of the cause behind these issues. Inspecting complaints, some users noted that this update breaks WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, this also resulted in random system crashes and BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Some users also complained about poor system performance. At the same time, it is worth noting that only select users are reporting this problem and not everyone is reporting these issues. The report noted that the KB4549951 update may have caused a compatibility issue between the Bluetooth driver and the operating system.

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A small set of users also noted that the update resulted in reduced WiFi speeds and other Internet-related problems. Some could not connect to the Internet in the first place. The company revealed that it is not aware of any issues with the new Windows 10 update regardless of the forum complaints.

In the meantime, most places recommended users to uninstall the KB4549951 update. To uninstall the update, one needs to head to the “Windows Update” option in the “Update and Security” section in the Settings app. Here you need to find the update in the “Uninstall updates” section inside the “View update history” button. In case the issues persist, users can use system restore or a Windows 10 system reset. If none of these things work then users can also look at a fresh reinstall of the operating system.

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