Windows 10 users limited set of updates in a year. But most of them start facing issues, the moment the update is available for their system. And yet again, Microsoft has rolled out an update that is riddled with issues. Well, at least that’s what some of the users are complaining. At a time when the personal machines are a core part of the working routine.

The last thing you want is an update to make things worse. And sadly, the issues are serious. According to this detailed report by Windows Latest, users have complained about File Explorer crashing. While some have even reported about sudden black screen. This update is an important release from Microsoft. It was supposed to fix multiple bugs. But instead, users are facing new ones. These include broken File Explorer, issues connecting printers, and network issues.

Now, if you are working from home, you definitely need the last two to be working without any glitches. And with a non-functional File Explorer, you cannot access files and other items from the system. So, this is probably the worst nightmare you could have imagined. These issues come as part of the Windows 10 update version KB4579311 and KB4577671. They even noticed that by removing/downgrading the Windows 10 version, the issues went away. So, it’s definitely got to do with the new release. Hopefully, Microsoft will give Windows 10 users a quick fix for these issues.

Windows 10 now features improved voice typing

Microsoft is making changes to the keyboard layout and adds a whole new set of options that are long overdue. The improved keyboard layout also looks to change the experience of using the touch keyboard. This is likely to target Surface devices and Windows notebooks with a touch display.

Voice Typing gets a new lease of life on the touch keyboard. Not only is Microsoft changing the layout of the feature, but the experience is also going to see a vast improvement. The company says voice typing will become reliable on Windows 10.

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