Windows 10 PCs will soon be able to launch Android apps

Windows 10 PCs supports sync with Android phones via the Your Phone app. Using this app, users can mirror their phone content on the PC. And even get notified if they get a call or a message. But now, through the app, Windows 10 PCs will also be able to launch the Android apps running on the phone.

This feature is coming to Your Phone app very soon, but you’ll only be able to use it with Samsung Galaxy phones. With the new update to the app, Microsoft is bringing its partnered experience to Samsung users. The feature will work across a wide range of Galaxy devices from the Galaxy S20 to the Galaxy A30 in the lineup.

Microsoft says, users don’t have to sign in or set up these apps on the PC. And more or less the multi-tasking experience from phone to PC will get a big boost. However, the company was quick to point that some apps will not behave kindly to the mirror experience. In fact, some gaming apps may not work with the PC keyboard or the mouse.

Which is why they are rolling out the feature for Windows 10 Insider users for now. And for the Your Phone app to mirror the phone with the PC, you need the Samsung phone to run Android version 9 or later. While the PC should be updated to Windows 10 October 2018 version or later.

Windows 10 Your Phone app now controls phone music

Few month back, the Your Phone app got more features. Users can now control music playing from the mobile on their PC. This feature works when your phone is paired to the PC via Your Phone app. You will see the music controls on the bottom left of your desktop. Reports say Microsoft announced the feature back in April. And now it’s being offered to the users. You can play/pause the music track or even choose another one from the playlist.

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