Microsoft has been facing one issue after another with the updates and patches it has been introducing since October 2018 and it seems people have been facing issues with another update. October 2018 update machines with Windows 10 got the KB4482887 update pushed to it by Microsoft on March 1, 2019. This update essentially works as a patch and upgrades the previous 17763.348 build and has a lot of improvements on it. These improvements include the newest support for Retpoline which is set to eventually improve the performance of PSs that have been patched of Spectre.

Besides that major concern, the update also had some major fixes, but it turns out it had some drawbacks as well. After the new update people apparently started experiencing difficulties while playing games. Gamers started complaining about the new update which apparently caused issues in the games including excessive lag and poor performance. Games like Destiny 2 were hit hard and players noticed a major drop in the performance.

A Reddit user wrote, “I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Destiny 2 suddenly dropped 40 frames.” This happens to be a major concerns since PC gamers consider high FPS one of the perks and reasons for playing on a PC. “I also had this issue, where when I moved my mouse I saw a loss from 60 fps to about 35 and the game began to fall behind and my audio quality distorted another fix is to resort to a controller, which I know us PC master race people groan and moan about that but it did fix my instance, hope it can help someone else.” Wrote another user.

A Reddit thread from a user detailed the kind of bugs and issues that were being faced after this update which includes lowered general performance, extreme stuttering and long mouse input lag. To this a Windows Kernal engineer replied back saying that the only thing to do now it report this to Feedback Hub and until a fix arrives, to uninstall the new Windows 10 KB4482887 update.

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