Apple is all set for its annual developers’ conference, the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2019. The annual event where Apple announces everything related to the software side of thing including the latest version of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and even tvOS to occasional hardware related announcements. The conference will actually go on for five days but the first day is the most important as the company usually makes all the important announcements at the keynote address. This year, the went will kick-off with the keynote address at 10:30 PM according to Indian standard time.

For people who may not be aware, the conference will take place in San Jose, California. The company will hold more than 100 technical and design focused sessions with the help of its engineers to help app developers. In addition to the usual sessions, Apple will also hold a number of hands-on labs so that developers can learn how to implement the latest features directly from Apple engineers. WWDC 2019 will also conduct consultations, get-together, special events, and even have scholarships for students and members from STEM organization.

Apple knows that given that the conference will be held in California, not everyone interested can come to visit the event just for following the announcements. So to make things easier and convenient for people who just want to see all the major announcements in the keynote address, Apple has made arrangements for a live stream for the keynote address. So, all you need to do is ensure that you go to on the necessary device using the compatible program.

For Apple users

If you are an Apple user then you simply need to navigate to the above-mentioned website with the help of the built-in Safari web browser on your iOS or macOS-powered device. Users just need to ensure that they are running macOS Sierra 10.12 or later version on their macOS-powered device and iOS 10 or later for their iOS-powered device. If you have a generation four or later Apple TV then you can download the Apple Events app on your TV and then watch the keynote from there.

For Windows, Linux, or Android users

If you have a Windows-powered device then you should navigate to the above-mentioned website using the Microsoft Edge browser. One thing to note here is that we are referring to the older traditional Edge browser and not the newer Chromium-based Edge browser that is currently in Beta. This means that you should be running Windows 10 as earlier Windows versions don’t have the Edge browser. If you are on Linux or Android then you can try Google Chrome though we are not certain that the live stream will work flawlessly there. In that case, you should be ready with an alternative. In case you don’t get an alternative, you can always head to where we will be ready with a consolidated post with everything that Apple announces during the keynote address.

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