Microsoft Xbox CEO recently spoke about the situation that the company is facing during this lockdown. And now in a new report, the company shared new data which shows that Xbox Game Pass members have added more than 23 million friends on Xbox Live. This marks a 70 percent increase in friendship rate on the service. Besides this, since March, Xbox Game Pass members are also playing twice as much. And engaging in more multiplayer gaming, which has increased by 130 percent.

“The current global health situation has made it difficult for many to spend time with friends and family. In recent months, Microsoft has seen an increase in people using video games not just to be entertained, but to help people connect and strengthen social connections through gaming. We are seeing this most acutely in Xbox Game Pass, a membership that provides more than 10 million members around the world with access to more than 100 games.” Wrote Xbox in a press release.

Microsoft Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently came out and spoke up about the situation in the company and its decisions. With the coronavirus pandemic in full force at the moment, gaming has got a huge push. And this is potentially a great time even for Xbox, with its increasing views. But Xbox boss recently clarified that the company does not plan to take advantage of this tragic situation.

In an interview with Business Insider, Phil Spencer said that Xbox is trying not to ‘exploit the situation’ for its gain. And it is trying to provide a steady gaming experience instead of leveraging this situation. “We want to be very thoughtful and not exploiting the situation,” Spencer said. “We’re not putting in place any different business tactics or other things. We’re just trying to keep all the services up, trying to keep the games enjoyable, keeping our networks safe and secure. And being there at a time of need. I’m proud that we can provide this activity for people.”

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