A new leak has confirmed that Microsoft is soon set to launch a new disc-less version of its gaming console and living room entertainment system, the Xbox One S. As part of previous reports and rumors, this version on the Xbox has been referred to as the Xbox Maverick. In addition to the confirmation of the “disc-free gaming”, the leaked information about the Xbox Maverick also revealed that the company is planning to launch the console next month. This will be the first gaming console from Microsoft that will come without the ability to read or play game discs. As noted in the initial reports about such an Xbox, this console marks the gradual move of the world towards digital-only media.

This means that users will no longer need to purchase any physical game disc and instead, just make the purchase online and then directly download the game on the console. All this information was part of recently released posters for the upcoming console. The posters also revealed that the console is set to launch on May 7, 2019. These posters and images for the upcoming console were initially spotted by Winfuture.de which confirmed that console will come with similar branding and somewhat similar design to what we get in the current Xbox One S.

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In addition to this, the posters also revealed that the new Xbox will be priced at 229 Euro which means that Microsoft seems to have priced it a tad bit higher than expected. Though the report also noted that this figure seems to include all the possible taxes. The report also noted that the console is likely to be priced less in the United States as compared to its price in the European market. This is because the current European price amounts to about $259 which is more than the Xbox One S bundle cost in the United States.

Last but not least, the poster also revealed that the Disc-less Xbox One S will come with 1TB internal storage, support for 4K Ultra HD resolution along with HDR support. We are not sure about when the company will reveal the device online but it is likely that Microsoft may unveil the device at its Insider Xbox event on April 16, 2019.

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