The Xbox Series X and Series S are currently among the more affordable ways to do 4K gaming at 60 fps with native support for ray-tracing. With a vast array of titles optimized to take advantage of these features, it is possible for a devoted gamer to run out of storage space, especially on the Series S. Microsoft paired up with Seagate for rolling out a proprietary storage solution last year. Despite its availability still scarce, Seagate has now released its Storage Expansion Card in India.

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card costs Rs 23,499 in India but as part of an introductory offer, you can buy it from February 8 until February 14 at a lower price of Rs 22,999. The card will be sold on Amazon exclusively and Seagate will offer three years of warranty as well. The card gets its dedicated slot at the rear, along with the USB ports for older external hard drives.

Seagate Expansion Card launched in India

Currently, there’s only a single capacity model available from Seagate, offering 1TB as standard. For Xbox Series X owners, this card will double the storage space while Series S owners will get a total of 1.5TB space to store games.

Seagate Expansion Card

Seagate Expansion Card on the Series X console.

Microsoft and Seagate have worked together on the Storage Expansion Card. Hence, despite being an external storage option, it supports the Xbox Velocity Architecture. This means it lets you enjoy features such as Quick Resume, faster load times, and better gameplay experience. Games optimized for the Series X and Series S will run at their best even when installed on the Expansion Card.

Seagate states that players can load their older titles from earlier generations of the Xbox universe and expect improved performance as well. Additionally, you can plug-and-play the Storage Expansion Card on any of the current-gen Xbox consoles, apart from your personal system. Players will still need to login to their Xbox profile or use the disc to access the games.

Is this expansion option worth Rs 23,499?

Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Seagate is selling the Storage Expansion Storage in the US at an effective price of approximately Rs 16,000. Hence, Seagate is selling it in India for far more than its actual worth in global markets.

But is it worth paying the extra, even if you have the budget? For existing owners of the Xbox Series S, it makes sense given the limited sub-400GB of useable storage. Those considering a Series S console with the Storage Expansion Slot could find much better value by spending slightly more for the Series X. Not only does the Series X have 1TB of storage baked in, but it also brings superior gaming performance to the mix.

For those owning the Series X, it only makes sense if you have a large collection of games in frequent use. We suggest players should uninstall the lesser-played titles in order to save space.

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