Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone companies in the world. The Chinese brand has a range of smartphones from the cheapest ones that are pretty basic, to the highest-end feature-packed models. With such a plethora to choose from, you’d think the brand’s CEO Lei Jun would be himself using one of the flagship phones like the Mi 10 Pro or the futuristic Mi Mix Alpha. Instead, the CEO was recently caught using an Apple iPhone.

The CEO recently took to Chinese social media site Weibo to post his recommendation of books to read. The post signature went on to reveal that Jun used an iPhone. Ironically, the signatures are used by brands to hint at and tease their newer devices. However, in this case, Jun accidentally revealed himself using a rival brand’s device.

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Pan Jiutang, a Xiaomi partner, went on to explain that Jun was reportedly testing devices from competitors. While that sounds nice, the fact that this was the iPhone 11, which was launched 7 months ago, suggests otherwise. Moreover, the fact that the post was taken down and then republished (without the iPhone) also proves it was indeed a mistake.

In other news, Xiaomi is expected to launch its awaited MIUI 12 custom Android skin on May 19. According to a recent report, Xiaomi MIUI 12 developers are continuously working on new features while fine-tuning exiting changes. The developers recently rolled out a new Microsoft Windows 10-style sound management system on MIUI 12.

This new system will allow users to control audio levels for individual apps at the same time. It is extremely useful for users who want to set custom audio levels for different apps based on their use. TechInDepp, the source of the information indicated that this feature is “not really necessary”. However, it is a nice addition to the existing controls.

The report also noted that this feature can be essential for users in a Desktop mode. MIUI 11 does not feature a Desktop mode but this may hint at an eventual Desktop mode in MIUI 12. The company has not revealed the presence of the desktop mode as part of the initial announcement.

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