Xiaomi has gained critical acclaim around the world for being the disruptor in the smartphone market. The Chinese company has emerged to become the biggest smartphone brand in India. All this growth has also been surrounded by controversy. Xiaomi has been repeatedly criticized for placing ads in MIUI, the user interface that sits on top of Google’s Android operating system on Chinese company’s smartphones. Now, it seems that the company is finally taking note and planning to optimize it for its users.

When Xiaomi started, it was widely praised for MIUI, which brings a differentiated user experience. However, the same UI has become a point of criticism as well. A number of users have complained how the ads in MIUI have gotten annoying and how it interferes with the primary user experience. Xiaomi has made it clear that ads are here to stay and it will never do away with them despite rival Realme taking shots at it for placing ads at its product announcements. What it plans to do instead is optimize them for how it works, which could ensure that it does not affect end users.

Lei Jun, CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, has now confirmed that the company indeed plans to optimize its MIUI for how it displays advertisements. He says Xiaomi will remove the inappropriate ads and advertisements that users say ruin their experience. The General Manager for Xiaomi’s Internet Services has added that the company plans to reduce the number of advertisements shown in MIUI. It’s important to note that all ads are annoying and it is not clear how Xiaomi will draw a timeline between what’s appropriate and what is not, when it finally optimizes the user experience.

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According to MyDrivers, Xiaomi plans to do so by using algorithms that can improve the reach rate for advertisements. It also plans to make sure that ads seen by MIUI users are relevant to their interests. The end goal for Xiaomi seems to be showing ads but at the same time ensure that it does not come in the way of smartphone user experience. During the recent quarter results, Xiaomi reported that its internet and services business accounted for 9.7 percent of company’s total revenue.

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