Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has entered a new segment after hitting smartphones, wearables, audio, television, and pretty much everything tech you can think of. The new product is an audible alarm for doors and windows that is able to notify users if these are opened without consent. The innovation is a great tool to protect your house against burglars who may be able to bypass your latches and doors with specialized tools.

Available on Youpin, the Chinese crowdfunding store, the audible Xiaomi alarm can is a neat practical solution to a pretty common modern problem. Further, apart from just notifying users of an intrusion, the gadget is able to simply block these entrances to the house. All you have to do is place the Xiaomi alarm on the glass of the window or door and you’re all set up.

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In case someone tries to break in through the door, a high-intensity audible warning is emitted from the Xiaomi alarm. The new alarm uses a sensor that is capable of detecting small vibrations. It should, hence, ring even if someone tries to use tools on your door or window.

Alternatively the Xiaomi alarm can also be used to take care of small children in the house who may try to open a door and get out of the house or a room. Furthermore, the device is also Wi-Fi enabled. This means you can have it hooked to your Wi-Fi connection and hence, control it from your smartphone. This makes them controllable remotely, even when you are not at home. Note that there is also a simple, non-Wi-Fi variant available.

Xiaomi Alarm: Pricing

The Xiaomi alarm is powered by two AA batteries and features IP33 protection against splashing water. Its dimensions keep it small at 62mm X 62.5mm X 30.8mm The Xiaomi alarm costs CNY 69 (about Rs 733) for the non-Wi-Fi variant and CNY 99 (about Rs 1052) for the Wi-Fi variant.

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