Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi seems to be preparing for a new product launch next week. As part of the teaser shared online, this new product will be a Xiaomi-branded e-book reader. The product is set to launch as part of a Xiaomi-backed crowd-funding project. To be clear, Xiaomi launches most of its products in China with the help of a crowd-funding model. The company teases the launch of the product and proceeds to mass production after a public crowd-funding campaign.

Xiaomi e-book reader details

As per GizmoChina, the official Weibo page for Mijia made a new post teasing the e-book reader. For context, Mijia is a sub-brand of Xiaomi that deals with Xiaomi Smart Home devices. Taking a look at the sketch of the supposed e-book reader, we can see thick bezels around the screen. In addition, the device comes with a button on the top. There are no buttons on the side of the device as per the sketch. Keeping in mind other e-book readers, the top button will likely work as the power button for the screen. Users can likely use this button to turn off the display to conserve battery.

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The absence of other buttons means that buyers will get on-screen controls to control other aspects of the e-book reader. It is worth noting that this is not the first e-book reader that Xiaomi has launched in the market. The company launched its first e-book reader called Xiaomi iReader series back in May 2019. The company followed up with Xiaomi Moaan W7 June.

The Xiaomi is likely taking on companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo with the upcoming e-book reader. Xiaomi has not revealed any information regarding the pricing of the device. However, the device will likely be affordable as the rest of the Xiaomi crowd-funded projects. We are not sure if the company will build its own e-Book library or team up with existing players. In addition, we are not sure if the product will support audiobooks.

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