Every month, Xiaomi launches a bunch of crazy smart products in China. From Xiaomi Fish Tank to smart temperature control goose down jacket, you will be surprised to see the kinds of products Xiaomi made smart this year. Xiaomi is not only popular for making value for money phones, but also for offering unique gadgets with smart features. The Chinese smartphone maker recently launched a Xiaomi Smart Electric Bed, electric blanket, a 60W fast chargerWater Dispenser C1, Fish Tank, walkie-talkie and more. In this article, we have collected the best and most interesting Xiaomi smart products that we expect Xiaomi to launch in India in 2020.

10 recent smart products Xiaomi should launch in India

Xiaomi Fish Tank

Xiaomi has priced the Fish Tank at 299 RMB, which is about Rs 3,000. The design ensures that buyers don’t have to constantly change the water in the tank. Fish Tank automatically removes the nitrates and other waste from the water. In addition, users don’t even need to take the lid off completely to feed the fish in the tank. Xiaomi has added an adjustment knob on the lid for feeding the fish.

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The adjustment knob also helps maintain the overall oxygen level in the tank. What is interesting that the tank also comes with a proper aquatic plant. Xiaomi Fish Tank requires electricity to operate and keep important functions running. In case of emergency, users can also use a power bank to keep the tank operational. Beyond this, the tank also comes with a simple one-button design. Users can use this button to remove the water from the tank. It also comes with a four-stage filtration process including volcanic stone, and a magnetic ring stone. Xiaomi has also added activated carbon as part of the filtration to kill bacteria. The filter system also comes with an upper filter cloth and a biochemical cotton layer in the lower area.

Bluetooth Alarm Clock with temperature and humidity sensor

It is a simple alarm clock with elegant design and an affordable price tag. The alarm clock comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity with which it can be paired with a mobile phone. Once you pair the alarm clock with your phone, it automatically synchronizes the time. Interestingly, this alarm clock allows you to set up 16 different alarms. Xioami’s new Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock offers 8 different ringtones and one can also adjust the volume of the alarm speaker.

This Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock from Xiaomi also offers features like temperature and humidity detection. It also features a backlit display with adjustable intensity. The good part is you don’t have to adjust the brightness as the alarm clock automatically adjusts it. The backlight time is also adjustable from zero to 30 seconds. There is a Snooze function, which can be activated by just tapping the alarm clock and it lasts for 10 minutes. Double tapping on the clock’s body turns off the alarm. The product also doesn’t have any physical buttons. It can also be paired with other MIJIA smart home devices using the MIJIA app. It is priced at 59 Yuan, which is around Rs 590 in India.

Xiaomi smart Garbage bin

The Smart Trash Can features an automatic lid opening feature. Once the bag is completely filled, it seals it automatically. The garbage bin has a capacity of 12 liters, and the dimension of 330mmx188mmx370mm. It comes with a narrow design, which ensures that the big Trash Can easily fit into tight spaces. The top cover of the trash can comes with an infrared sensor. It has a motion detector and a sensing range of about 30 degrees.

When you stretch your hand within the sensing area, the lid automatically opens. In case you want the lid to be open for a long time, there is a button for that too. And after the filled garbage bag is taken out, the smart features suck in a new bag back into the inner wall. The bag comes with a 2,000mAh battery that offers battery life of 150 days on a single charge (in standby mode). On a full charge, the lid opens for up to 20,000 times. Recharging the battery again takes about 3-4 hours. It comes with a price tag of RMB 199 (approximately Rs 2,050).

Xiaomi FM Radio power bank

The power bank is integrated inside the FM Radio encasing while giving access to the usual two USB Type-A ports. This product features a 10,000mAh battery. The company has priced this unique product at just 138 RMB which is about Rs 1,408. Closely inspecting the product, Xiaomi has opted for skin-friendly plastic with a “portable design”. The power bank can charge devices at 5V with 2.1A current. It also comes with a digital display that shows the charge capacity of the power bank.

In addition, the company has also added a button on the top to turn the FM radio on or off. Talking about the radio aspects, we get a radio speaker in a speaker grill that mimics the old, retro design. The product also comes with inscriptions claiming “Time flies” and “The age of Elvis”. Xiaomi claims that the power bank can charge an Apple iPhone X three times. The device also features a USB 2.0 port for charging the port.

Redmi Speaker Play

The Redmi AI Speaker Play comes with Xiaomi’s own XiaoAI 3.0 virtual voice assistant. It also enables controlling of smart home devices. The Redmi AI Speaker Play costs CNY 79, which is approximately Rs 800 in India. The smart speaker will be available in several color options including white, blue, lime and red. In terms of design, the portable speaker has an elongated cubical design with an ABS plastic build.

The device packs a 1.75-inch 5 watts speaker inside. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the Redmi AI Speaker Play also allows hands-free calling via CVC-enabled noise reduced communication. The Redmi AI smart speaker also supports wireless Bluetooth Mesh technology. This can work with 2,000 compatible Mi Home products, as well as an intelligent speech recognition system that adapts to the particular pronunciation of the user.

Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker

It was launched in China with a price label of RMB 599, which is approximately Rs 6,300 in India. Xiaomi Mijia Electric Cooker combines the features of regular pressure rice cookers. It has electromagnetic step-less pressure regulation tech, and comes with a Korean cast aluminum structure. The cooker is rated for a pressure of 1.7 atmospheres, and can reach a maximum temperature of 114 degrees Celsius. The cooker uses a smart intermittent pressure transformation scheme. This eliminates the need for manual pressure relief during cooking.

There are multiple micro-pressure relief points and each time the pressure is released, the liquid in the cooker can be stirred and boiled for proper mixing of nutrients. Being a smart product, Xiaomi’s new electric cooker comes with a large OLED screen that allows selection/monitoring of parameters like cooking temperature and time. The same can also be controlled via the Mijia app, according to the selected recipes.

Xiaomi heated goose down jacket

While Xiaomi Fish Tank is an interesting and unique product, Xiaomi also offers a new heated goose down jacket. It comes with smart temperature control. The biggest feature of the smart jacket is that it can be powered by a classic power bank. As per the company, a 10,000mAh power bank can offer continuous heating of the jacket for up to 7 hours. This is a lot for a heated down jacket as this much is enough to withstand a cold working day. The company says that its smart jacket leverages 90 percent high-quality white goose down, and a smart three-speed temperature control design. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s smart jacket also comes with waterproof fabric texture, meaning you don’t have to worry about rain. It is priced at 499 Yuan (approx Rs 5,074).

Xiaomi Jiyin Gramophone Photo Printer

Xiaomi launched a mobile printer in October this year. This product is called the Jiyin Gramophone Photo Printer. The key feature of the device is that it can print AR photos as it supports AR recognition tracking technology. It also features a direct wireless network connection. It is priced at 699 Yuan, which is about Rs 7,100 in India. When printing photos, it can realize up to 60 seconds of audio and save data to the cloud, Gizmochina reports.

The printer prints 6-inch photos at a resolution of 300dpi. It will take around one minute to print a photo, as per Xiaomi. The photo printer also offers support for a bunch of connectivity options and printing methods. The company says that users will be able to print about 40 photos when the printer is fully charged.

Powerbank with hand warmer

Similar to Xiaomi Fish Tank, this is also a unique product from the company. This is a small power bank, which also acts as a hand warmer. The latter offers dual-side heating at a constant temperature of 52-degrees, as per the company. It also looks like a small retro radio and Xiaomi claims that the product’s body is made up of aluminum, which can quickly conduct heat. It is also made using multi-material composite technology and is combined with fire-resistant ABS for safety purposes. There is also a left button on the device that controls the mobile power function and also displays the power remaining in the device.

One will also find the right button, which helps activate the heating function and also displays the current temperature. Once the hand-warming function is activated, the power bank start heating within five seconds, as per Xiaomi. When it reaches 52-degrees, it keeps the temperature constant. As for the power bank, it has 5,000mAh battery capacity. It can be useful for emergency charging. It also comes with built-in security measures. This product is priced at 138 Yuan, which roughly converts to Rs 1,400.

Viomi Travel Electric Cup

This Electric Cup is also called a thermos flask. This product is for storing hot water and it is also a water heater with a 300W power rating, which can help heat up water when need. It is priced at 99 Yuan (roughly Rs 1,000). The body of the Viomi Travel Electric Cup is made from 304 stainless steel and has a capacity of 400ml. The inside of the Xiaomi electric cup is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

The company says that the electric cup is safe to hold after boiling the water. It can keep the water hot for up to 3 hours. Xiaomi also claims that if you are using the boiling mode, the water can be kept hot for up to 12 hours, which is huge. One will also find a one-touch high-sensitivity touch switch on the body of the flask. After it is powered on, you can activate the boiling mode by just a single click. Lastly, the electric cup takes up to 8 minutes to boil the water.

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